FSDW....the first legal known donor connection site in the world, created in 2003 to assist with family building,
but not at the expense of the child. This site was created so that would-be-donors are able to choose who
they assist, and be known to the child at whatever age the child wants to know of, or even meet, their bio father.
Although we recommend that you connect outside of a clinic, to discuss your intentions regarding the child's best interests,
you should then use a licensed clinic to not only protect the health of all parties but also your legal status.
The donor can know that he will be legally recognised as a donor, but can maintain a link with those raising the child. At present most
donor convieved children can either learn nothing, or only find out about their origins at 18. This is far too late.

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'Children Deserve to Know Where They Come From' Campaign.