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You can use a clinic for testing and insemination after finding your sperm donor on FSDW. Or, for more info about home insemination etc, please keep an eye out for our new site. It will include the new Dondad Sibling Registry, where you can keep in touch post conception within the secure members area, using your FSDW username. This will allow you more freedom to keep in touch. Also use your FSDW username, not your real name when you both complete a Known Donor Agreement Doc, stating your intention that the bio father is not taking parental responsibility. This must be agreed on prior to conception. Should there be any legal issues, this intent, with a real initial or signature, plus FSDW username, will be invaluable. It is null and void if sex (NI) is used at anytime. Use a clinic to legalise your agreement.

Good luck everyone!
Promoting Family Building through Sperm Donation with a Child Centred Focus
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Please also report any donors suggesting 'natural' 'NI' etc ie sex. This is not permitted, and also against the Behaviour Code. AI only offered through the FSDW site thanks!

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Thank you to this blogger for supporting Known Sperm Donation, and bringing this to our attention.

The Sperm Donors Worldwide site was launched in 2003 as a way to enable would-be-parents to build their family but still have the answers the questions their DC child might have.

"Creating choices for women, infertile couples and men looking to co-parent without romance. Providing a

supportive community for like-minded people. Building families, maintaining biological connections. Please,

help me keep the FSDW member's only area as safe, responsible and respectful as possible"

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Visit the new Donor Dad Support Netork- My Donor Dad
Protect your identity and avoid legal battles while the child is growing up, but maintain contact through FSDW. USE A CLINIC if you can ! When you digitally sign the registration form use your real IP, ad on the donor agreement doc use your FSDW username.
We understand that the laws do not always recognise private sperm donations arrangements however licensed sperm banks do not effectively recognise the rights and needs of DC children and their families.
FSDW therefore offer solutions - always looking to the bigger picture, and to maintaining biological ties. Protecting families- protecting FSDW sperm donors.

How exciting- good Luck Everyone!!!


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