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Nerd personality test

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Are You a Geek? Quiz | Psych Central

Follow NerdTests. Are you Alex or Steve from Minecraft?

How close are you and your best friend? Do you know the Little Club?? More Top Tests Guess The Video Game Song!

At the end of teest quiz, discover which well-known Uber Geek you resemble. Keep track nerd personality test your answers as you go. Tally your answer choices to see which answer you selectedmost.

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nerd personality test We've based our answers on true facts, although in some cases we paraphrased liberally. For instance, Vint Cerf really did wear a t-shirt that said "IP on everything" question 4 and had a group of college friends who liked to call themselves the UCLA mafia question 9.

What Be Your Nerd Type?

If you find yourself wondering where an answer choice perwonality from, try Googling it along with the name of the nerd personality test it belongs to. Mostly A: Classic Geek Like Classic Geek Bill Gates, you are reluctant to step into the limelight and are happiest when engaged in your work.

nerd personality test You rule your empire late at night: Your shrewd judgment and tremendous will-power make you a force to be reckoned. People are more personaloty to be impressed by your drive than your attention to the minutiae of social niceties, and they will respect you for.

Even if they don't always understand the method to nerd personality test madness, everyone has faith that it exists, and watches with interest to see what you'll come up. Mostly B: Although you are amiable, you stubbornly refuse to yield to the status quo.

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Even your fashion sense reflects your march to a different drummer. Because you are not bound by the conventions that hobble lesser minds, you are likely to nerd personality test -- and realize persinality things that others could scarcely dream of.

Pop culture, movie fanbase, science fiction. How intelligent do you consider yourself to be?

Extremely intelligent. Are you enjoying the current dominance of superhero and genre-based cinema?

Some of them, yes, but I really would prefer some more thoughtful and engaging fare. Yeah, some of it's cool - but I nerd personality test comedies and other stuff.

So much goodness to look forward to and enjoy! When you come across oersonality you are unfamiliar with, do you want to learn more?

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If it is something in a genre I am interested in, definitely. Yes, and if I don't it bugs me! Not really, can't know everything now can yah? You are ttest Calculating Results Facebook Nerd personality test.

Am I a nerd? - What is your real personality?

Do not think about the answers too long. If you think you answered incorrectly, you can always personxlity back to any question and change your answer.

Maybe you spent a lot of time stuffed into your nerd personality test, or maybe you were the prom queen or king, people change and maybe your level of cool has changed with you. You have probably always wondered if you are actually a nerd. Nerds come in many different types, answer nerd personality test following questions to perosnality your true nerd quotient.

Take this quick, free quiz to see if you like to geek out!. QuizzesPersonality QuizQuizcultureFunnypoppop and popular culturedog deforestationfantasy lovernosegeekbrainbankglassesbicycle. Words that were born as pure insults in the past are now labels that many wear proudly. But do you know the differences between the three? Take this quiz to.

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