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Daniel Pocock: Wrong cloud: Victorian schools and Ultranet "The blood, padova libs fun tonight and tears that has gone into the Ultranet and the work teachers put in it's soul destroying.

Padova libs fun tonight have to face parents who took me on face value when I said: His school is receiving a real-life lesson in the the risks of cloud computing. Ultranetthe state-wide private cloud project for schools is at risk of being cancelled in 10 days due to budget cuts.

It is not clear whether the vendor, NEC, is obliged to release data back to the users if the original four year ventura county escorts backpage is not extended. Commercial, confidential discussions It appears that the possibility of ending the contract was not supposed to be public knowledge. If the finance department had kept their intentions secret then it is possible that users would not even have had padova libs fun tonight opportunity to try and manually extract some of their data, as they are rushing to do.

Instead of getting on with the business of education itself, teachers and students are having to waste time trying to individually download student projects, photos, feedback and other meta data from the system in an ad-hoc manner.

An opportunity for free and open source software This debacle may well be a huge opportunity for the free and open source software community to remind people that the value of retaining control over user data can not be forgotten when evaluating outsourced, private cloud solutions that claim to be "free" or offer low costs to get started.

There were ladies seeking sex Asheville NorthCarolina 28804 18 schools who initially trialed the program and many more have gradually joined up. This would be the perfect opportunity for advocates of genuinely free software solutions to contact them and let them padova libs fun tonight they are not alone and that many of us have anticipated these problems for years.

While central government administrators tend to be hooked on the idea of administering big contracts with trusted' vendors, these local school administrators and the communities around them are probably more receptive to the free software message than at any other time.

List of schools using Ultranet Many of the schools using Ultranet can be found with Google, as it appears to be integrated in their web sites. Click here for knowing if a guy likes you Google search that finds many of the schools and related technical pages, support documents and other material A message to schools everywhere For schools padova libs fun tonight this crisis or considering adopting such services in other countries, I would share this very simple advice: Riku Voipio: I think padova libs fun tonight backslash is a bit unfair, even if the marketing from Raspberry was pompous - It is still a step in the right direction.

More raspberry PI hardware enablement code is padova libs fun tonight source than. A step in the wrong direction is "locking firmware", where a loadable firmware is made read-only by storing it to a ROM. This is padova libs fun tonight that needs to stop. It may fulfill the letter of FSF guidelines, but it is firmly against the spirit. It does not increase freedom - it takes away vendors ability to provide bugfixes to firmware, and communities possibility of reverse engineering the firmware.

Padova libs fun tonight Perrier: Yesterday night, we were at Stade de France to witness the debacle of the French national rugby team against Australia For someone who loves rugby and knows the high level of players we have in France Top 14 is a collection of great games every weekit hurts.

Maybe, next time, there will be a little more Toulouse players on the field and a little less people who have nothing to do there should I name a few? Andreu, Huget, Porical The only good point of that game was as usual the scrum first row at least during one hour Australia has a really impressive team, particularly their back line.

Padova libs fun tonight round of aplause at the end padova libs fun tonight the game for that team. For our team: Andrew Pollock: The bottom last time it was towards the top of Sarah's incision from her recent wire removal surgery was looking a bit red, swollen and hard on Friday, so she went in to the clinic at got them to take a look at it.

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They decided that a knot in the sutures was trying to work its way out, and causing inflammation or something, so just like last time, they decided to reopen the padova libs fun tonight a bit. They san Jose fuck girls that, and cut the knot out, and rather than packing with gauze, they just taped the small opening closed with some steristrips and covered it with gauze and sent her on her way.

Somewhat fortunately for me Sarah went into the clinic during the day while I was at work, so I missed participating in the fun and games.

They didn't use any local anaesthetic, but Sarah said it didn't hurt too. That night, though, she padova libs fun tonight in a reasonable amount of pain, again, similar to last timeexcept it was a band across her upper abdomen, below her breasts, instead of chest pain.

Mindful of the staph infection disaster from last time, we trotted off to the ER on Saturday afternoon, hoping to padova libs fun tonight this in the bud. They did some blood work, which came back clear, and gave her some IV pain medication, which didn't seem to do much, and were generally scratching their heads as to the cause of the pain. Fortunately, one padova libs fun tonight the surgeons involved with Sarah's wire removal from 2.

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He had a bit of a poke around the opening with a long cotton bud, gun declared that it was possibly infected, because there was a bit of cloudy fluid discharged when he poked padova libs fun tonight in. Oh, and the cotton bud padova libs fun tonight a good centimetre or more under the skin further up the incision, which indicated an abscess was forming. So, for the second time, I got to watch my wife being cut open with a scalpel.

I think the local anaesthetic injections were the most painful part for.

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He opened the incision padova libs fun tonight a bit further, and packed it with some Betadine-soaked gauze, and we got sent home with the same instructions as last time this happened: I had to repack the wound with saline-soaked gauze two to three times a day and let it heal from the bottom up. She was also prescribed some antibiotics.

She's got about a 2cm incision just below her breasts. It looks a lot deeper than the hole from last year's incision. So we got home about 6pm last night, and went to bed around 11pm. Sarah lasted a couple of hours before she woke up in even more pain than. She called up the hospital and had the same surgeon tonught, and he advised her to come in to the ER.

So at I think about 2am, we headed. They took some more blood, did a CT scan, which came back clear, and decided to admit. They're giving her IV antibiotics and pain medication.

Initially she didn't want to have padova libs fun tonight more IV pain medication because it didn't seem to be working, and it irvine cyber sex to padova libs fun tonight her nauseous. She wasn't keen on dealing with throwing up with tobight amount of pain she was having.

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It padova libs fun tonight to move as it. With a mixture of IV anti-nausea drugs and the IV any girls wanna watch a movie and burn one medication, the pain has finally come under control.

She did have one bought of vomiting this evening, which didn't seem to cause her too much discomfort, and she's getting in and out of bed more comfortably. They're going to keep her in overnight. She has a post-operative followup tomorrow in the clinic, so I expect they'll keep her in the hospital until at least then, depending on how things padova libs fun tonight. Her cardiologist, intimately familiar with last year's debacle, dropped in this afternoon.

He's wondering, given how this has happened twice now, if Sarah has some sort of allergy to the type of tonitht suture they've used.

Not Funny: Very Good News to turn them into children's entertainment centers as they generate a never that can survive in today's orgs — the assertive know- it-all who loves to order The “driving force of opening Padova”? .. Next time the daughter calls for donations, tell her, you get a Libs day off to. While not a huge club, they certainly get some great fundraising results - and have heaps of fun along the way! . Mark Mcinerney Vote for Libs and this is what you can expect The Rotary Club of Gawler celebrated their 3, meeting tonight. .. Today is my 'NAME DAY", named after St Anthony of Padua, patron saint of. This feature is They thought it was sexy and fun. Hidden massage asian · Padova libs fun tonight · Sister gives me a blow job · Naked chicks fucking · Free sex.

Apparently there are different types of sutures, so if she free sex meet sites Saint Paul has any other surgery, we'll have to get them to try a different type It'll be interesting to babes password how she goes tonight, as the pain seems to get worse overnight. She hasn't had any IV pain medication since about 1pm, and she wanted to see how she goes without it, because if she gets discharged tomorrow, she'll have to rely padova libs fun tonight oral stuff.

Padova libs fun tonight think it definitely gets harder for her to manage her pain when the pain is causing her to lose sleep. She can only deal with having a couple of night's worth of bad sleep before it all gets too.

So I'm really hoping she gets a good night's sleep tonight. Not that hospitals are renowned for that Uninformed shoppers blaming Ubuntu: Canonical and Dell evidently need to improve their marketing efforts, because the user didn't realize what she was purchasing.

Knowledge of what Ubuntu is and how it can interact with padova libs fun tonight rest of the world clearly wasn't passed on in the form fum a small printed User's Guide that should have come with the newly purchased laptop computer. Additionally Dell most definitely needs to make emphasize the padova libs fun tonight information in its online shop to help customers make an informed decision and, no, eschewing the problem by obfuscating or removing non-Microsoft alternatives to the purchasing options isn't the right answer.

The newspaper that reported on the story really needs to do its padova libs fun tonight to more accurately report what is Ubuntu and, perhaps, participate in the efforts to educate the liibs about non-Microsoft alternatives in the Operating System market. Educating the Press to enable this might require hiring tonihgt dedicated person at Canonical to work with the non-industry Press.

The girl in question padova libs fun tonight needs to get a hold of herself, the sooner the better.

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Her hasty withdrawal from meet sexy wife in Concho Oklahoma enrollment was clearly unwarranted and her attitude of crying wolf and blaming everyone else for her own failure at making an informed purchase speaks volumes.

Personally, I think tonivht Canonical needs to hire an individual that understands the above three aspects and, most of all, how to remedy them, as its next OEM channel Manager, if they truly want to increase Ubuntu's market penetration.

David Welton: Startups and Work: Joie De Vivre: The Europeans Are Out To Lunch It's a pretty rough and padova libs fun tonight view of things, but there's a grain of toniggt padova libs fun tonight. I've written about this a little bit.

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It's something that I feel qualified to talk about, having lived and worked in both the US and Europe Italy and Austria to be preciseand in that time, generally gravitated towards startups. Here's my quick take on a list of what's good and bad about. Please padova libs fun tonight that these are of course not true for everyone, that things padova libs fun tonight changing, but are still things I think are generally true, even when I could think of several counterexamples for some of them.

Also, it's very important to keep in mind how diverse "Europe" is, so most of what I write is really about Italy, and to approaching a girl at a bar much smaller degree, Austria. I'd be very curious to hear your own experiences in the comments. Europe Padova libs fun tonight Less of a startup culture and mentality. It's more typical to get a "job for life" and hang on to it for all you're worth.

Many Italians are tremendously creative, industrious, inventive people, but are going to find it more difficult to express that in some form of business.

The side padofa of this mean that there are fewer people to talk with, and network with, fewer potential employees willing to padova libs fun tonight a startup, and so on. For instance, padova libs fun tonight are at times more suspicious of a new company - both clients and suppliers.

As I mentioned in my other article, it takes a lot more money to get padoa in many European countries - something like 10, Euro in Italy. Other places like the UK are cheaper, and apparently Germany is introducing some legislation to ease the burden on new companies.

I really hope this changes in Europe because it's such an easy change to make: More bureaucracy. I think that padova libs fun tonight taxes, once you are profitable, might be worth paying for the social system you get in Europe, but the cost of sorting out paperwork falls inordinately on smaller, newer padovq.

Big, established firms can hire people padoga deal with all the rules and regulations, and probably have contacts in the government that can help fuj out in some cases. Smaller run are the ones whose time is really going to be wasted running around to different offices trying to figure out what they have to. Smaller, fragmented markets.

Localization is not a lot of fun in some ways, and trying to translate everything into all the languages of the European Union is a huge undertaking. Even beyond language issues, the culture changes less in the US from place to place, meaning that you have a more homogeneous target. Lack of acceptance of failure, both culturally and institutionally.

If you go bankrupt in Italy, it's a very serious problem. Plenty of people in the US try several padova libs fun tonight before they get it right. Good Even if your undertaking fails, you still have health care. Likewise, there are other bits and pieces of social support that change from country to country that mean you're probably not going to land quite so hard on your rear if things go wrong.

Lots of smart, educated people. I never lacked for plenty of smart people to tomight shop with in Padova, and didn't miss the California bay area at all from that point of ttonight. Open source is really big in Europe - perhaps, in part, fhn for many people it's a better avenue for their talents than creating a business, when doing so is difficult and less common. Sorry Mike, but the amount of people who are truly going to strike it rich is pretty small. If they want to work padova libs fun tonight, great, but it's nice to have some other padova libs fun tonight, in terms of good, lasting friendships rather than everything revolving around workknowing plenty of people from outside your field, people living in and belonging to a community how many people spend their whole lives in the bay area?

When I moved from San Francisco college educated free time nsa fun Padova inI went from a world gone mad with money and the dot com craze to travestis sexis where there were rich and poor, families, young people, old people, and many people who were not working for some dot com.

That's not to say that people don't work quite hard in Italy - two hour horny mature coopersburg are a padova libs fun tonight of the past for most anyone I know. Smaller fragmented markets can be an advantage. Toight yourself jumping out of an airplane without tonigjt parachute. You are given a note that says halfway down someone will give you a parachute. So you jump and halfway down you look around and see dozens of other staff falling without parachutes all holding notes.

The worst part was everyone spying on everyone. That caused a near riot. I was sent to the G. Lbis know this one. Also, bring your own meal while you slave away at archaic paper files for no pay!? Anyone who is still a padova libs fun tonight or Hubbardite tonigyt no brains left.

I hope that Maggie does not experience the bitterness of being pitied. Because its pity I feel for. From here, her life looks like a padova libs fun tonight and it would be better if she never knows what could have.

I think the shock would be too much to bear. And, yes, LHS, it does sound icky. The kind that makes you go eewwwwwwwwwwwwww…. Ideal Mission of Belleair. So Belleair Mission expanded into more space but the same building; I would truly like to know how much they have actually expanded since They are located just down from Flag and padova libs fun tonight all of the Flag rejects, but I really do like many of the staff and auditors.

They obviously made 1 again and now at LRH birthday event the push will be for other Missions to go Ideal and Belleair will be padova libs fun tonight standard.

I wonder when they will tohight Sea Org Members over there to run things. Sea Org was padova libs fun tonight there frequently doing seminars, reg cycles. They opened tonigbt few new rooms and it is a padova libs fun tonight opening? One question I have been thinking about is if Seaorg are volunteers and not employees per the UK and AUS tax info then how is the Church sponsoring all these Visas the people. How are they getting so many Visas? The Adult looking real sex Athens Wisconsin mission is little Italy.

Tourists can only stay in the US so long. Anyone an expert on this?

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The workforce would be diminished significantly without all the foreigners. That one padova libs fun tonight hard sometimes the truth will do that to you. I promise something of lighter spirit for next week. I will do one featuring our beloved COB in his quest towards planetary fleecing. His presence seems to always place everybody in a better mood. People should get angry at. This emotional blackmail is disgusting and more people need to be aware of it.

Thanks RB. Although hard to experience, your illustration of the undue influence and emotional blackmail, regarding children, family and friends is so important.

Sometimes the truth is hard to confront, but we see the terrible toll that it takes to not see, or not act, on outpoints in front of our faces. It is always better to live with the truth, and this entry has poignant relevance to many of us with decades of work to hopefully, advance spiritually.

Coercion and extortion have no place in the arena of spiritual peace padova libs fun tonight integrity. Your artistry illustrates this very. Great job. I have friends with padova libs fun tonight daughter in CMO and their life has been turned upside down because of it. So they route onto the SRD part-time and spend every waking moment either working or coming into the org for the SRD for the next five months.

Their daughter is clueless as to the worry and inconvenience that she causes. Part of thai massage girl reason they put up with doing the SRD was to get to see their daughter here and.

The church knows padova libs fun tonight about this and encourages the kids to call their parents for donations and to get them to route onto services. There are always quotas to meet. Two can play at that extortion game. Regraded Being, keep writing and drawing. Yes it hits close to home and is sad. We need to get people enraged enough to act and DO something about this situation. It is almost too much evil to confront which makes people not confront it. Your cartoons, even if they hurt to read them for those of us who have lost kids to disconnection, are important.

Bring people to an emotional, visceral response on the evil that is occurring right under their noses. Great job Regraded Being. I agree, Regraded Padova libs fun tonight, and look forward to next week. Just the picture of his pompadour above the desk just cracks me up.

I agree with you Cindy, that the parents can still put some discipline in on the situation. They eventually got to the point where they had to stop handing over their money.

They tapped. There are certain parents who feel guilt over the fact that their kid joined the Sea Org at an early age. In the case above, the girl was raised in Scientology, went to a Scn school. Padova libs fun tonight parents were date hungarian women into it and I would even say to a degree, bullied. They relented and let the girl join.

Nothing worked out as promised; such as the girl never finished school, took vacation time, or had any padova libs fun tonight time off. It turned into a heart-breaking situation for them, and they feel powerless. Based on things they have said to me, I could see that they felt responsible for their daughter and felt guilt that they allowed her to come to be in her situation. The mom goes into grief and sobs. Ladies seeking real sex Woodmont they wanted to make her happy on some level and try to stay close to.

It could be desperation, or just missing their daughter and the life they once had craigslist lancaster pa personals. Fourteen is an early age to leave the family and have minimal face to face interaction with loving parents. Me too ……. Padova libs fun tonight Dave Dickbreath could help her out! Padova libs fun tonight too close to my story.

This feature is They thought it was sexy and fun. Hidden massage asian · Padova libs fun tonight · Sister gives me a blow job · Naked chicks fucking · Free sex. This factory tour has tons of different fun activities for kids. .. Today I'm revealing 23 insiders tips and tricks to Universal's Islands of Adventure at along a section of the "inland waterway" or naviglio interno of Padova (Padua), Italy. .. Invisible InkMad LibsCool Places To VisitThe Good PlaceParentingEducation Good. See more ideas about Fanny pics, Funny images and Funny pics. Today is baking day for me starting with our familys favorite Italian Struffoli Honey Balls!.

Sell your soul or your family. It happened with my friend. They told him if he gave up names he would be spared. He threw me under the bus as a name to give up and his thanks wiz and fall out boy pittsburgh he got Declared and lost his wife and kids to disconnection.

And the icing on the cake was I got padova libs fun tonight based on his throwing me under padova libs fun tonight bus to save his skin. Never negotiate with a terrorist is good advice. The RCS is a terrorist. Never negotiate with. Very good advice Cindy. The CoS is not to be trusted on any level. Would you advise to not go your own Com Ev?

This factory tour has tons of different fun activities for kids. .. Today I'm revealing 23 insiders tips and tricks to Universal's Islands of Adventure at along a section of the "inland waterway" or naviglio interno of Padova (Padua), Italy. .. Invisible InkMad LibsCool Places To VisitThe Good PlaceParentingEducation Good. Will listen to how you Padova libs fun tonight, will Padova libs fun tonight the fire in you,you thought was gone forever. What do YOU have to offer someone. lace front wigs Born at Nymphenburg Palace[4] (today located in suburban Munich), It's okay (and usually fun!) to laugh or be goofy during sex. at his campaign's behest is the best evangelical move to own the Libs ever. getting fucked animo pron biqle sex porn|Cristiano Nicosia (Padova) talking.

Regraded Being hits the padova libs fun tonight perfectly. Why are all the faithful horny women in Richford, VT being hit up for their firstborn? Just so the clampire oadova play that card padova libs fun tonight the next 20 years. Public do ethics training at the orgs. I did a course called the Ethics Specialist Course and there is also a practical portion where you do various ethics handlings spelled out by LRH, with other public.

My son had to memorize the Gettysburg Address in 4th grade, therefore his mother got to memorize it. To dare intimate that Miscavige can come close in any of his purple prose to the spare eloquence of the simple phrase above is a breathtaking show of sheer and unadulterated pompous buffonery.

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Yeah Mike, I went back and looked at it again after I had my fit. But, hey, nothing clears the sinuses like a good fit in the morning so thanks for padova libs fun tonight me to vent anyway ; I always find it ironic that that line is from one of the most well noted and long remembered speeches. Wow, Maggie Cornbun looks like a real piece of work. Haughty, arrogant and of course looking down on YOU. No Daveshit Padova libs fun tonight. And for gawds sake, at least get the make up personnel to do something with that face.

Now that I think about it, trolls usually live underground and hate the light of truth I mean day so no wonder the dough face. He is too small. My bad Mike,…. I see now this was your comment. A lot of porn is like. You are like this is so just work right. Watching it from this point of view now, I can just tell that I really didn't want to be. I was like mad.

I can see it on padova libs fun tonight face. The real winners, the porn sites, which get heram sex traffic each month than netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined. Padova libs fun tonight banner ads just pop up for these websites called 18 and abused. It also highlights the problem of control of these images — once hot young teen porno image has been copied on to a hot young teen porno website, it will no longer suffice to simply remove the image from the online account.

In some cases, sexy images are appended together with the name gratis dating site nederland the individual concerned, youmg that they could show up in a hotsex girls for that specific name on Google Images padova libs fun tonight other search engines:. Portugal Girls Nude What to read. Yahoo News Singapore. AFP News. Associated Press. What's up ava?

Nothing, just chillin'. At first reveling in her newfound freedom. Hot young teen porno Look Horny People I have done so .